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Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, Inc.

150th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg Seminar Series

Century Magazine "Charge up Henry House Hill"

The Association of Licensed Battlefield Guides, America’s oldest professional guide service, invites you to join us for a series of one-day seminars commemorating the sesquicentennial of the great battle of Gettysburg.

This year we are offering seven single day seminars.  These seminars will begin at 8am and conclude at 4:30pm.  During each seminar you will meet the bus at the American Civil War Museum (Wax Museum) at 8am, break for a box lunch from approximately 11:30am until 1pm  and then conclude back at the museum at 4:30 in the afternoon.  These one day seminars are an in-depth look at various aspects of the Battle and the Battlefield of Gettysburg.  Each seminar will cost $90 per person.  The price includes transportation, six hours of guide services, and lunch.

May 11th – The Town of Gettysburg, The Civilian Experience

Many  visitors to the town of Gettysburg asked, “where is the Battlefield?" Only later do they understand they had been standing on it. The town of Gettysburg became the focus of the entire world during the 3 days of battle. The experiences of the people of Gettysburg before, during and after the battle is the focus of this program. LBG's will bring to life the horror of war, the fighting on the streets of Gettysburg and the presence of an occupying army. The lives of the women, children and men of Gettysburg would be changed forever as a result of war. We will examine the effect of war on an unsuspecting civilian population from whom we have much to learn. We will examine the town of Gettysburg in the aftermath of the battle when nearly every private home, church and school became a hospital. We will examine the many memorials that exist in the town to perpetuate the memory of those who lived and died in this crossroads town.  Expect extensive walking through the town on paved sidewalks.

LBG:  Joe Mieczkowski and Joanne Lewis (both also Licensed Town Guides)


June 8th – The Battlefield Then & Now

In this program we will explore the development of the Battlefield from battle until today.  We will investigate these changes using a series of photographs and the battlefield itself.  Join us for this exciting journey from 1863 until today!

LBG: Rich Kohr


June 22nd – The Assaults on Little Round Top

The defense of the 20th Maine was not the only action on Little Round Top on July 2nd – in this program we will discuss the many attacks against Little Round Top on the afternoon of the 2nd day of the battle including the second attack on the northern part of the hill in the evening and the various counterattacks off the hill throughout the fighting.

LBG: Christina C. Moon and Guillermo L. Bosch:


July 20th – The Federal Left Wing on July 1st

This program will cover the fighting of the Federal 1st and 11th Corps on the fields north and west of the Town of Gettysburg on the first day of the battle.

LBG: Stuart Dempsey, George Newton, Rich Kohr


August 10th – The Gettysburg Reunions

This program will follow the Veterans of the Blue and Grey on their visits to Gettysburg during the great reunions of 1888, 1913 and 1938.  Join us as we walk back in time with the heroes of the battle as they revisit their stomping grounds during these historic gatherings.

LBG: Rich Kohr, Christina C. Moon


October 19th – Hancock the Superb

A discussion of General Hancock and his participation in all three days of the battle, with a look at the Union tactical defense of the Cemetery Ridge line on July 2nd and 3rd.

LBG: Christine Wolfe, Dennis Conroy, Jim Hueting

Click to register for the Hancock the Superb Seminar

November 9th – Lincoln at Gettysburg

This program will begin with a lecture on Lincoln’s visit to Gettysburg.  Following the lecture, we will explore Lincoln’s time in the Town of Gettysburg.  The program will conclude with a visit to the Soldier’s National Cemetery where Lincoln gave the most famous speech in American History.

LBG: John Fitzpatrick, Roy Frampton, Timothy Smith

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