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Octogenarians Honored By A.L.B.G.!

On October 19th, 2010, 52 friends and LBG family attended the "80 and older Dinner" at the Hickory Bridge Farm Restaurant.  This event was planned and carried out by Deb Novotny and all owe Deb a great deal of thanks for a wonderful event.  It was a fantastic evening with good food and friendship / fellowship had by all. Lots of crab imperial, fried chicken and roast beef were devoured by all!  We pursuaded our honorees to pose for a group photo.

Below is the photo of our six Octogenarians and our one 92 year old Jim Tate, who mentioned in passing  that he did enjoy having his picture taken with 'the kids'!

* The "Dean" of the Gettysburg Licensed Battlefield Guide force is Mr. Jim Tate (LBG #53) who was first licensed back in 1952 and has just completed his 59th year of guiding.

* Mr. Charles Kingston (LBG #70) guided his first tour in 1987 and has guided 22 years.

* Mr. William Troxell (LBG #72) earned his guide license in 1991 and splits his time on the battlefield with his duties as Mayor of Gettysburg.  The mayor has just completed his 20th guiding year.

* Mr. John Fuss, the "Iron Man" of the Gettysburg Guide force (LBG #77) took his first tour in 1992 and in his 19 years has guided "more than 13,000" tours of the battlefield!

* Mr. John Everard (LBG #91) became a member of the guide fraternity in 1993 and has completed his 18th year.

* Mr. Bill Martin (LBG# 103) has completed his 17th year of guiding having earned his license in 1994.

* Mr. George Gargus (LBG #204) is the newest of our elder statesmen having earned his license in 2004.

Together these gentlemen have conducted countless tours over this battlefield and collectively have 161 years of guide service.

October 19 Dinner Guests

From left to right the Honorees are: Bill Troxell, Jim Tate, Charlie Kingston, George Gargus, John Fuss, Bill Martin, and John Everard.

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