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Scholarly Seminars - Registration is now open!!!!!!!!!!!

The Association's seminar program was established by President Fred Hawthorne in 1991 as a way of showcasing the talents of the Licensed Battlefield Guides.  Though many, many organizations have copied the concept and put on their own scholarly weekend seminars, the ALBG annual effort is highly rated after  nearly a quarter century in operation.

The present Seminar committee consists of Chairman Christina Moon, Stuart Dempsey, Fred Hawthorne, Deb Novotny, Guillermo Bosch, Phil Lechak, Ted Gajewski, Dennis Conroy,  Rich Kohr,  Chris Wolfe.  They are charged with planning and carrying out the annual spring and fall seminars.

Plans are now being finalized for the 2015 seminars. This year we will examine the fighting along the Emmitsburg Road.
  The dates are September 11 to 13, 2015.   Click here for additional details.

Registration for the Fall 2015 seminar  is now open.

Questions? Contact Seminar committee chair click here to reveal email address.

Guides Involved:
October 25-27,1991
The1st Day at Gettysburg: Alamo of the Civil War
Gary Kross, Keith Toney, Wayne Motts
October 29-31, 1992
The 2nd Day at Gettysburg: Day of Decision
Jim Clouse, Charlie Fennell, Roy Frampton, Louise Friend, Dave Friend, Don McLaughlin, David Richards
October 15-17, 1993
The 3rd Day at Gettysburg: Desperate Valor
Elwood Christ, Charlie Fennell, Fred Hawthorne, Hans Henzel, Wayne Motts, Bill Ridinger, Dave Weaver, Skip Wensyel
October 21-23, 1994
Cavalry at Gettysburg: A Tactical Appraisal
Bill Bowling, Jim Clouse, Charlie Fennell, Charlie Hathaway, Gary Kross, Wayne Motts, Larry Wallace
April 28-29, 1995
Little Round Top: Truth and Fiction
Paul Cooksey, Dave Richards
October 26-28, 1995
The 1st Day at Gettysburg: The Great Battle Begins
Gary Kross, Wayne Motts, Mike Phipps, Tim Smith
April 26-27, 1996
Culp's Hill: The Forgotten Battle
Charlie Fennell
October 24-26, 1996
Gettysburg: Then & Now Interpreting the Battlefield Through Early Photography
Bill Frassanito, Garry Adelman, Tim Smith
April 18-20, 1997
The Wheatfield: Bloody Cauldron of Death
Charlie Fennell, Dave Richards,
October 23-26, 1997
Brigades & Batteries: Famous Units at Gettysburg
Eric Campbell, Paul Cooskey, Alan Crawford, Wayne Motts, Trish Murphy, Tim Smith
April 24-26, 1998
Pickett's Charge: Comprehensive Overview of the Greatest Frontal Assault of the Civil War
Wayne Motts
October 2-4, 1998
The Medal of Honor at Gettysburg
Roy Frampton
September 17-19, 1999
"Lee's Retreat"
Charlie Fennell
Mar 31 to Apr 2, 2000
Cemetery Hill: Witness to History
Gary Kross, Jim Clouse, Wayne Motts, Jim Hueting, Tim Smith, Roy Frampton, Deb Novotny
September 1-3, 2000
"Action Front" The Artillery at Gettysburg
Charlie Hathaway, Tim Smith, Fred Hawthorne, Phil Cole, Rich Kohr, Jim Hueting, Charlie Fennell, Wayne Motts
May 11-13, 2001
"Charge Bayonets!" The Infantry at Gettysburg
April 9, 2005
"No one ever received a more important command" Maj Gen George Gordon Meade
Guillermo Bosch, Tony Nicastro, Kavin Coughenour
September 9-11, 2005
"The war had...been brought to our very door" Gettysburg July 1, 1863
Sue Boardman, Charlie Fennell, Bob Housch, Rich Kohr, Wayne Motts, Tim Smith
September 8-10, 2006
"No Brigade Commander at Gettysburg Rendered More Decisive Service: A Comprehensive look at Little Round Top and Culp's Hill July 2 and 3, 1863
Sue Boardman, John Cox, Charlie Fennell, Jim Hueting, Wayne Motts
September 7-9, 2007
"So Outrageously and Persistently Misrepresented"  A Reappraisal of the 11th Army Corps at the Battle of Gettysburg
Stuart Dempsey, George Newton, Charlie Fennell
September 5-7, 2008
"Was Sickles Right? "Hottest Iron on the Bloodiest Day" A Thorough Examination of Longstreet's Attack on July 2.
Stuart Dempsey, George Newton, Ralph Siegel, Tim Smith, Rich Kohr
September 11-14, 2009
Brigades at Gettysburg: Profiles of the Famous and Forgotten
Guillermo Bosch, Rich Kohr, George Newton, Dave Richards, Stuart Dempsey, Charlie Fennell
June 5, 2010
"Draw sabres! Charge!!": Selected Cavalry Actions at Gettysburg.
John Krepps, Dave Hamacher, Andie Custer
September 10-12, 2010
"From the Jaws of Victory": Command and Control in the Army of Northern Virginia
Bill Hewitt, Dave Richards, Charlie Fennell, Don Walters, Jim Martin, Tony Nicastro.
April 8-9, 2011
"Into the Jaws of Hell" The Struggle for Devil's Den.
Tim Smith, Rich Kohr, John Winkleman
September 9-11, 2011The Irish at GettysburgPhil Lechak, Rich Bellamy, John Fitzpatrick, Stuart Dempsey, Dave Donahue
April 13-14, 2012The Gettysburg Medals of HonorGary Roche, Roy Frampton, Renae MacLaughlin
September 7-9, 2012
Brigades at Gettysburg II: North and South
Andie Custer Donahue,  Dave Hamacher,  Stuart Dempsey, Dave Richards,  Christina Moon, Charlie Fennell.
April  12-14, 2013Pickett's Charge!Wayne Motts, Kavin Coughenour, George Newton, Woody Christ
September 13-15, 2013 Retreat and Aftermath of GettysburgStuart Dempsey, Charlie Fennell, Mike Vallone, Phil Lechak
April 11-12, 2014Monocacy: The Third InvasionRich Kohr
Fall 2014NONE HELD*
April 10-11, 2015The Union Right Flank - The Other High GroundPhil Lechak, George Newton, John Archer, Dean Shultz
September 11-13, 2015 The Battle Between The Barns: The Fight for the Emmitsburg Road RidgeKavin Coughenour, Phil Muskett, Don Walters, John Archer

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