August 25, 2015 "1st Corps on Culp's Hill"


When the 7th Indiana regiment arrived on Culp's Hill on the evening of July 1st the men in the regiment quickly saw the importance of that position. By the end of the day the Union 12th corps would arrive but the men of the 7th, plus the rest of General Cutler's Brigade and the Iron Brigade, would aid in the defense of the hill for the remainder of the battle.  This walk will cover the action on July 1-3 on Culp's Hill. We will begin on east Cemetery Hill and walk to Steven's Knoll and over to the fighting on Culp's Hill. The walk will cover about 1-2 miles of walking over paved roads and on some of the paths in the woods. I would grade this as moderate to heavy walking. If possible we will walk the brigade markers of the Iron Brigade but that will depend on the weather and the thickness of the undergrowth.